Abendroth Golf

Scope: Designer, Technical Designer, Sourcing

  • CAD, construction, technical design, tech packs for women’s golf bottoms and tops.
  • Source domestic and international textiles, trims, and production factories.

Women’s performance joggers are built to look professional and fit femininely. Made with high-performance materials to make you look great and feel comfortable on and off the course.

Women-owned, golf-focused, and professionally feminine

Abendroth Golf is a women-run, women’s apparel brand that delivers superior performance and high-quality products that look professional, fit femininely and provide function on and off the course. 

Professional Look

Abendroth Golf believes your professional look is just as important as your comfort and fashion. Whether you’re playing a round of golf, a few holes, or headed to a business meeting, our products are made tastefully to cater to many day-to-day activities. Our professional-looking pieces are designed with fabrics that are sleek and feminine. The tailored look offers a respectful style, yet modern and comfortable approach.

Femininely Functional 

We know that the typical golfer is more than just a golfer. She’s confident, active, a  wife, mom, friend, professional, business-owner, shopper, coffee-drinker, and adventure seeker. She may be an avid golfer, a more casual golfer, or even a soon to be a golf fan, but when it comes to fashion, she wants to feel confident and comfortable in her own skin. She’s probably going from one activity to another, or maybe heading from the office to play nine. Abendroth Golf is dedicated to providing apparel options that follow you wherever your day takes you. We expect function out of our products. Our designs include multiple pockets that are big enough to store your phone, wallet, keys, or a pen.  It also means providing a hidden pocket specifically to keep a valuable safe and secure.

Women need pants that provide function, while tastefully offering femininely fit pieces to get you through your hectic week.  

Shop the Peggy Pant

The Peggy Pant features a four-way stretch, sweat-wicking performance material that is designed to wear at the office or on the course. It is trendy, comfortable, and professional. It is everything Emily couldn’t find after eight years of working in the Golf Industry and over 15 years of playing golf.