LOSANO – Sustainable essentials made in LA

Losano is a pioneer in the white space of USA-made and sustainability.  From brand concept to sourcing locally in LA to overseeing the design of all the apparel, hangtags, boxes, care labels and hiring a team, my first year at Losano was challenging and rewarding. My amazing tech designer and I pitched the brand idea to the owner because we see the future of fashion is sustainable and locally made.

Losano x Marissa Borelli

Scope: Chief Creative Officer

  • CAD, trend forecasting, tech packs for womens activewear.
  • Source domestic and international textiles, trims and Losa Angeles production factories.
  • Oversaw design of marketing collateral, website, copywriting and brand voice.

 Electric Yoga – Activewear to Energize

Electric Yoga was looking for an overhaul of its brand in 2021. The new owner purchased the brand in 2020 and wanted to breathe fresh air into the stagnant sales and design. The project started out part-time but I was quickly moved to full-time as the Chief Creative Officer to oversee all aspects of the brand – design, sourcing, copywriting and social media. We partnered with Teresa and Gia Giudice, the OGs of the Real Housewives for a vibrant collection and wild PR ride.

Scope: Chief Creative Officer

  • CAD, trend forecasting, tech packs for womens activewear.
  • Source domestic and international textiles, trims and production factories.
  • Grew Instagram account from 16k-26k followers in 6 months

Abendroth – Women-owned, golf-focused

Marissa Borelli x Abendroth

Abendroth Golf and I started working together in October after their Kickstarter campaign was funded. Emily Farrell, the founder, wasn’t satisfied with her current production and asked Borelli Design Inc for help. We were able to source partners and mills during the start of the pandemic and complete her production in time. The Peggy Pants sold out so quickly that we’ve already done another round of production in 4 more colors! Emily’s drive, deep knowledge of what a player is seeking in a pair of golf pants, and connections to the industry have proved Abendroth Golf is one to watch.

Scope: Designer, Technical Designer, Sourcing

  • CAD, construction, technical design, tech packs for womens golf bottoms and tops.
  • Source domestic and international textiles, trims and production factories.

More about my work with Abendroth

Pivot – The smartest yoga clothes, ever.

Marissa Borelli x Pivot Yoga

Practice made perfect, at home. PIVOT is a revolutionary way to deepen your home practice.  PIVOT works using our very special clothes. They come with invisible sensors inside that wirelessly tell our app (and teachers) exactly how your body is positioned.

Scope: Wearable Technology Designer, Technical Designer, Sourcing

  • Design Womens and Mens tops and bottoms with wearable technology components.
  • Source fabrics and yarns domestically and internationally.
  • Collaborated with internal and external business partners to adhere to stringent timelines by prioritizing technical development, ensuring high-quality garments.
  • Source domestic and international textiles, trims and production factories.

More about my work with Pivot Yoga

Athleta  – Leading Sustainable Activewear

Marissa joined the technical design team at Athleta right after they were acquired by Gap Inc.
Overseeing the tech packs for womens knit tops, bottoms, swimwear, and outerwear. 

Scope: Technical Activewear and Swimwear Designer

  • Design, CAD, and tech packs for knit tops, knit bottoms, knit and woven dresses, swimwear, and outerwear.
  • Assist designers with CADS, POM’s, specs, and grading.
  • Assist in fit sessions, adjust patterns, and tech packs.

More about my work with Athleta

Lululemon Athletica  – the Disruptor of Activewear

lululemon logo

Marissa was the Southern Californian eyes and ears for the Vancouver-based yoga and fitness retailer 
from 2009-2010. She reported on exercise and apparel trends from the fitness epicenter of Los Angeles.
She consulted on customer experience and grass roots marketing. She also led visual merchandising,
social media marketing and helmed design meetings.
Scope: Assistant Manager and Visual Merchandiser
  • Managed a staff of 15 to exceed sales targets and increase community outreach.
  • Led outside sales by pre-branding in nearby Los Angeles suburbs.
  • Promoted from part-time to Assistant Manager within 6 months.
  • Created, organized, and managed content for store website, Facebook, and Twitter.

 GG Blue – Designed to keep you cool on the course

Working with GG Blue was a great re-entry back into the world of golf. I spent MANY hours on the course with the UCLA Golf Team in college and loved creating concepts for the heritage sport again. GG Blue crafts luxe, high-quality sportswear by women, for women. It uses durable, quality fabrics that keep you on the course. GGblue was born out of the vision to bring sophisticated sportswear from my mind to your reality.

Scope: Concept Designer, Sourcing

  • Accurately predict market direction and trends.
  • Develop CADS and create a line plan for Fall 2020 and Spring 2021.
  • Select prints, recolor, and resize for production.
  • Source fabrics and manufacturers overseas.

More about my work with GG Blue

 Drymax – #1 Technology to Keep You Dry

Screen Shot 2020-11-20 at 10.29.21 AM

Drymax Technologies Inc. manufactures technically advanced socks, apparel,
and accessories. Proven to keep feet up to 25 times drier
than traditional wicking socks we are changing the
way people run by dramatically reducing blisters.

Scope: Mens and Womens Activewear and Accessory Designer, Sourcing

  • Manage the Technical Design team to ensure fit and quality standards are consistently maintained.
  • Work with CEO, VP, and Merchandisers during fittings to determine style intent and end usage by the consumer.
  • Manage and maintain multiple product categories for men’s and women’s working closely with factories on fit implementations and construction standards.
  • Travel overseas to work with mills, seamless factories, and fit technicians to ensure quick approval to production.

 Hi-Tec  –  Designed for City to Trail


The heritage brand, Hi-Tec, founded in 1974 with a pair of affordable hiking shoes launched an apparel line in 2018.
I lead the NYC based women’s design team, worked with the sourcing team in China and pitched top USA retailers at tradeshows. 

Scope: Womens Outerwear Designer, Technical Designer

  • Womens CAD, BOM, Tech Packs for: Outerwear, Fleece, Woven Tops, Bottoms and Knits.
  • Lead sales meetings with buyers from Amazon, Costco, REI, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Sierra Trading Post, Macy’s, and Gander Outdoors.
  • Analyze and evaluate garments to develop accurate fit specifications.
  • Ensure products are consistent with the established fit, quality, cost specifications, and manufacturing capabilities.
  • Create fit sketches using Adobe Illustrator to assist in correcting fit issues.

More about my work with Hi-Tec

 Under Armour  – Sportswear Powerhouse

I was tapped by the sports powerhouse to create the visual merchandising concept for the UNLIKE ANY womens event featuring; Misty Copeland, Jessie Graff, Alison Desir, Natasha Hastings and Zoe Zhang.

Scope: Visual Merchandiser

  • Visual Merchandising concept planning and execution for the #unlikeany Under Armour Global Launch in New York City.
  • Develop and present concept to the Under Armour team and create prototypes for the award winning marketing event.

More about my work with Under Armour

 Google  – Official Merchandise Store

Working with Robertson Marketing I was hired to design trend forecasting pitch decks, graphic
design T shirts, soft good accessories and outerwear. We launched Google’s Official Merchandise
Store serving North America. We refreshed the merchandise, bringing in original designs and
updated products and categories. Completely responsive and mobile friendly.
View the Google Merchandise Store
Scope: Apparel and Accessory Designer
  • Graphic design for T-shirts, water bottles, socks, and soft goods accessories.
  • Create and Lead trend forecasting presentations.

More about my work with Google

Stitch Fix  – Personal Style meets Data Science

At Stitch Fix we leverage data science to deliver personalization
at scale, transcending traditional brick-and-mortar
and e-commerce retail experiences.

Scope: Mens and Womens Stylist and Trend Forecaster

  • Trend forecasting Mens apparel and accessories.
  • Created email content for marketing.

More about my work with Stitch Fix

Oakley  – Olympic Partnership

Marissa Borelli x Oakley



Scope: Womens Activewear and Accessory Designer, Sourcing

  • Design womens and mens activewear and accessories.
  • Work closely with Olympic athletes to determine the best fit and colors for their training leading up to the 2012 Olympics.

More about my work with Oakley

Cricut – Combining Technology with DIY Fashion

Marissa Borelli x Cricut

The innovative Infusible Ink system delivers seamlessly smooth, professional-quality transfers that become one with your material – and last a lifetime.   The Infusible Ink system was designed to work seamlessly with Cricut products. Our carefully engineered machines & materials, along with our rigorously tested settings, ensure pro-level results every time.                                                                                                     

Scope: Concept and Technical Designer, Sourcing

  • Womens, Mens, Kids, Baby Apparel designer.
  • Concept, Design, and Technical Design.
  • Lead fit sessions, updated tech packs with fit comments, and pattern revisions.
  • Worked with overseas vendors and mills for seasonal trim development, fabric development, lab dips and strike offs.
  • Managed all product categories from initial pass-off to TOP stage for both Technical Design and Product Development departments.
  • Established company-grade rules, block library, construction library, and Standard Operating Procedures for both Product Development and Technical Design departments.

More about my work with Cricut

 Battle Sports – The Thrill of Victory

Marissa Borelli x Battle Sports

At Battle Sports, we know all too well too, the agony that sports injuries can bring. Collectively, we’ve experienced major injuries like concussions and know the fear and frustration it can have on a player and his or her family. It’s what motivated us to start Battle Sports Science in 2009.                                                          

Scope: Concept and Technical Designer, Sourcing

  • Apparel, integrated compression, athleisure design for youth men’s football.
  • Graphic design for T-shirts, gloves, socks, and soft goods accessories.
  • Technical design for convertible duffle bags, provide fit comments and revise patterns.

More about my work with Battle Sports

  Tymewear – Smart Clothing for Your Body and Mind

Marissa Borelli for Tymewear - wearable technology

What makes Tyme unique? At Tymewear, we design technology into clothing to provide insights and feedback on breathing patterns, body movement, and posture. Our mission is to make the workings of our bodies accessible and understandable to guide us towards a life of health and well being.                                                                                                        

Scope: Technical Designer, Sourcing

  • CAD, construction, technical design, tech packs for wearable technology mens and womens activewear tops.
  • Source domestic and international compression textiles and trims.

This project was my first introduction to designing wearable technology. The pace is fast and the nuances vital.  After practicing Bikram yoga for 12 years I was up for the challenge of designing a top that monitors how you breathe during exercise, sleep and sitting at your desk.

More about my work with Tymewear Wearable Technology

Mizuno  –  Designing for Olympic Athletes

Marissa Borelli x Mizuno



Marissa joined the Mizuno team in March 2012 as a freelance designer for its
volleyball and softball lines—the latter of which can be found in Dick’s Sporting
Goods stores. The highly respected maker of active wear and sports apparel
uses the tagline Never Settle™, and the company lives that philosophy every day.
Marissa is finding it especially rewarding to design for a brand that sets such high standards
and won’t settle for anything less.. 

Scope: Mens and Womens Activewear and Accessory Designer, Sourcing

  • Womens volleyball and softball activewear designer.
  • Launched a new Jennie Finch Softball line, exclusively for Dicks Sporting Goods.
  • Mens designer for Indoor Volleyball, Beach Volleyball, Baseball tops and outerwear.
  • As seen on Olympian April Ross, the Men’s and Women’s USA Indoor Volleyball team.

More about my work with Mizuno

Green Apple Active – Bamboo Activewear

Marissa Borelli x Green Apple

In the fall of 2010, Green Apple tapped Marissa to bring an athlete’s perspective to their design team. She took the helm of design for the Marmaxx Group (TJ Maxx and Marshalls, which combine to be the largest retailer worldwide) under the labels So Sporty and Green Apple.  Marissa managed production with domestic and overseas factories, designed graphics, and worked closely with the buyer and merchandiser.

Scope: Sustainable Activewear Designer

  • Managed current accounts and expanded sales to international clients.
  • Presented monthly to the TJ Maxx and Marshalls merchandisers.
  • CAD, tech and spec for apparel, prints and graphics.

More about my work with Green Apple Active

K Active by Kerri Walsh – 3x Olympic Gold Medalist

From 2007-2009 Marissa was the creative director and apparel designer of start-up K Active by Kerri Walsh, the Olympic Beach Volleyball three-time gold medalist.  She took the debut collection from concept to production, secured sales outlets and created and led the launch marketing strategy.

Scope: Activewear Designer

• Cold called retail outlets, Division 1 colleges and volleyball clubs.
• Brought on high profile accounts including National chains.
• Presented/sold at 40+ trunk shows and pop up shops.
• Apparel and branding design for Kerri Walsh, 3 time Olympic beach volleyball gold medalist.

More about my work with K Active by Kerri Walsh

Ralph Lauren Womens Golf – Heritage, Performance, Tradition

Marissa Borelli x Ralph Lauren

In 2006 Marissa assisted the Concept Designer for RL Women’s Golf and designed the referee uniforms and promo apparel for the 2007 US Open.

Scope: Assistant Concept Designer

  • Researched and developed knitwear for the 2006 Women’s US Open.
  • Liaison between concept designer and in-house graphic designers.

More about my work with Ralph Lauren Womens Golf

 Evy’s Tree – Making hoodies an everyday luxury

Marissa Borelli x Evy's Tree

Evy’s Tree is a line of hoodies and leisure-wear perfect for picking the kids up from school, meeting your girlfriends for brunch at your favorite spot and layering over just about anything.

Scope: Outerwear Designer and Technical Designer, Sourcing

  • Create custom prints, develop line plan, determine the seasonal color palette.
  • Source fabrics, trims, prints, and factories domestically and internationally. Meet with mills at tradeshows, negotiate pricing and minimums.
  • Lead fit sessions, revise tech packs with fit comments, revise patterns in AI, communicate with factories.
  • Designed knit tops, outerwear, knit bottoms, and kidswear.

More about my work with Evy’s Tree

 Heliades – Luxury Sun Protection

Marissa Borelli x Heliades

Heliades grew quickly within the niche luxury sun protection market.  I worked closely with the founder to develop a collection of UV protective accessories and apparel.

Scope: Accessory Designer, Technical Designer, Sourcing

  • Create custom prints, develop line plan, determine the seasonal color palette.
  • Source fabrics, trims, prints, and factories domestically and internationally. Meet with mills, negotiate pricing, and minimums.
  • Lead fit sessions, revise tech packs with fit comments, revise patterns in AI, communicate with factories.
  • Concept and technical design for UV sun gauntlets and sun-protective clothing.

More about my work with Heliades







North Coast Medical

Scope: Technical Designer, Sourcing