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Working for Green Apple was my first jump into using sustainable fibers. Cristofer Smith, the founder of GA, is a pioneer in the sustainable space, he saw the gap in the market in 2005 and has been dedicated to using only sustainable fibers ever since. I took on the helm of design for the Marmaxx Group (TJ Maxx and Marshalls, which combine to be the largest retailer worldwide) under the labels So Sporty and Green Apple. ¬†When you are designing for the mass market you get instant feedback from the sales numbers and which styles sell out the quickest. We were in 400 doors nationwide, that’s a LOT of feedback from customers!

I was responsible for taking the designs from concept to final production. I managed production with domestic and overseas factories, designed graphics, and worked closely with the buyer and merchandiser. I also developed a color palette that appealed to the west and east coast markets. Since the price point was

Highlight – I still wear the So Sporty and Green Apple tops and bottoms on long flights because they are so comfortable and travel well! Since I was designing for 400+ doors the number of women who wore So Sporty and GA was insane! They would rave about the price point and quality – which don’t always go hand in hand. I think because we worked with amazing production managers, (Tommy!) and manufactured most of it just across the border in Mexico we were able to deliver high-quality garments within a quick timeframe and handle production issues quickly.

Scope: Sustainable Activewear Designer

  • Managed current accounts and expanded sales to international clients.
  • Presented monthly to the TJ Maxx and Marshall’s merchandisers.
  • Led social media marketing and CRM.
  • CAD, tech, and spec for apparel, prints, and graphics.

What makes Green Apple Active unique?

We believe in being eco-friendly, sustainable, and biodegradable by utilizing natural plant-based materials in our apparel. We are passionate about health and about the state of our planet. We utilize only the highest quality Certified Organically Grown Bamboo and natural, organic cotton in our apparel. We also employ only the highest standards of eco-technology in our apparel manufacturing for the cleanest and most eco-friendly methods possible.

Some information rarely seen nor shared by everyday people is the #UnitedNations Report of Environmental Programme. The UNEP Frontier 2016 Report can be seen online and on page 39 you will find the truth about synthetic textiles and it’s consequences to our ecosystem through a graphic chart of microplastic particles in wastewater that show textiles (fiber) are 80% of the wastewater pollution with plastic bags and packaging at 2%. This is horrendous to say the least so we are doing something about this and doing it with affordability, comfort, performance, and style so please keep with nature and produce the karma that active souls so enjoy. (A footnote from the Norwegian Environmental Agency found that emission of microplastic in wastewater from washing one synthetic clothing item in one wash to release 1900 microplastic fibers.) More than any other personal care product including cosmetics.

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