Pivot Yoga

Practice made perfect, at home. PIVOT is a revolutionary way to deepen your home practice.  PIVOT works using our very special clothes. They come with invisible sensors inside that wirelessly tell our app (and teachers) exactly how your body is positioned.

Scope: Wearable Technology Designer, Technical Designer, Sourcing

  • Design Womens and Mens tops and bottoms with wearable technology components.
  • Source fabrics and yarns domestically and internationally.
  • Book fit models, lead fit sessions, revise tech packs with fit comments, revise digital patterns in AI.
  • Collaborated with internal and external business partners to adhere to stringent timelines by prioritizing technical development, ensuring high-quality garments.
  • Maintained company grades, tolerances and fit standards.
  • Identified potential production, quality, and costing issues and
    make recommendations to safeguard brand integrity. golf bottoms and tops.
  • Source domestic and international textiles, trims and production factories.

Technology – How it Works

It’s taken three years and a lot of PhDs to make PIVOT. Learn more detail about our fundamental technology below.

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