Battle Sports

Scope: Concept and Technical Designer, Sourcing

  • Apparel, integrated compression, athleisure design for youth men’s football.
  • Graphic design for T-shirts, gloves, socks, and soft goods accessories.
  • Technical design for convertible duffle bags, provide fit comments and revise patterns.

At Battle Sports, we know all too well too, the agony that sports injuries can bring. Collectively, we’ve experienced major injuries like concussions and know the fear and frustration it can have on a player and his or her family. It’s what motivated us to start Battle Sports Science in 2009. Years before that though, we were hard at work in the sports safety business. Then and now, the goal remains the same, not just to make good products but to make innovative products that address the day’s greatest sports safety challenges.

To deliver on those lofty goals, Battle Sports Science blends cutting-edge science with a keen understanding of the athlete. Of course, that old competitive spirit is fast at work in what we do too. Giving our best to be the best pushes our efforts and standards every day. The result is something we’re very proud of, some of the finest sports safety equipment anywhere.

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