Munich Strawberries

Happy Memorial Day!  I’m off to make strawberry pancakes while TDH is asleep.  (It’s only 9am on the west coast.)  On the menu tonight?  Spicy black bean burgers and a ginger apple crumble.  I love holidays at home! Street stall strawberries, Munich, Germany

Thirsty Thursdays ~ Grappa

Grappa tasting at Fattoria Casaloste, Tuscany Ohhhh Grappa.  I have a love/hate relationship with this Italian drink.  Most 4 hour dinners and parties I’ve attended in Italy end in trying to sip a shot of this firewater.  I vaguely remember a priest pulling a bottle out of his backpack while studying abroad in college.  Father[…]

Rosemary Cornbread

             TDH was VERY skeptical of this meal.  He helped prepare it while watching sports.  (Do men do anything else with their spare time?)  Then he snacked on tortilla chips while hovering over me wondering what “else” we were having.  But halfway through eating dinner (in front of the tv, again, I[…]

You haven’t lived yet . . .

If you have NOT been tubing in Lake Tahoe.  Add it to your To-Do list of 2011.   If you don’t live near California any lake will do but the main ingredients still apply: 1.  tie multiple tubes behind a ski boat2.  let the craziest boat driver take over3.  more people the better, especially if[…]

Beach Weekend!

I’m not complaining, TDH and I live near downtown LA way up in the hills with a big garden and a gorgeous sunset view.  But we do miss our 3 blocks from the beach apartment in Santa Monica.  We are taking a mini vacation and headed to the coast for the weekend.  Tonight we are[…]

Hemp Shake

Quick and healthy lunch or a run recovery shake.  Drink it as a meal or snack.   I added a side of hummus and celery today after an 6mi around the Rose BowlBenefits of hemp?  – whole food source– optimal balance of Omega 3 & Omega 6 essential fatty acids– insanely rich in fiber (so be[…]