DIY – Global Coffee Table

For a few years now I’ve been saving bills from each country’s currency I visit.  They don’t take up as much space as coins and are super lightweight.  Every ounce counts when you are backpacking or living out of a carry-on for 5 weeks.  As a designer, my favorites are color and name driven.  Hong[…]

Drift / 6 / Salt Lake City

 Although it’s 70 degrees in La Jolla (not like that ever changes) I’m pretending it’s chilly because I’m finalizing the fall collection for Borelli.  Fall 2012 is leaning towards jewel tones and grandma chic, a random yet fun mix of prints and colors inspired by my travels in India and my late Grandmother Lorraine.   To[…]

Destination – Sleepy Gamla Stan

If you find yourself in Stockholm, Sweden, you must walk around the 13th century island of Gamla Stan.  During the week it can be overcrowded and jam-packed with tourists but on a Sunday afternoon you can cruise the cobblestone streets peacefully.  Visit adorable little shops, snack on buttery bagels and take some time off of[…]