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I started sprouting last month and found it relatively easy so I thought I would share how you can make your own sprouts.

What is Sprouting?
– Trick your dried beans or seeds into sprouting without planting them in dirt.  
– Grow your own food, on your counter top or in a dark enclosed space.

Why Sprouting is Awesome?
– Cheap!!!  Buying dried beans is cheaper than in the can or pre-made.  TDH and I’s biggest expense other than rent is groceries.  I’m constantly looking to cut costs without effecting flavor or our well-being.
– Healthy.  (Almost) anything that comes in a can or container is filled with salt and preservatives.  Why work out everyday if you are just going to put those toxins right back in with a pre-made meal?
– Easy.  No need to warm up the oven or stove.
– Texture.  I LOVE crunchy foods and now that I cut back on chips and crackers I miss the sensation of chomping on something light.  Sprouted beans are still a bit hard and give my teeth the crunch they crave.

cover with cheesecloth

You will find a few videos on Sprouting but this by far is my favorite.  The couple is hilarious!  

screw on the top

What you’ll need
– Mason jar or similar with a 2 part lid (you won’t need the center middle top, just the outer rim)
– Cheese cloth or thin screen
– Dried chickpeas, lentils, seeds, etc
– Water
– Patience

To Do List
– Rinse your beans, seeds or lentils
– Toss in the jar, fill with water 3-4″ above the beans
– Cover with cheesecloth or screen and screw on the outer rim top to seal
– Soak overnight, drain and rinse again
– Rinse 2-3 times a day, keeping them moist but not soggy (leave the jar on the counter top if you are forgetful like me, I needed the constant reminder)
– After 2-3 days your sprouts are ready to go
– Add to salads, oatmeal or brown rice or try adding to these 2goplease recipes:
Bell Pepper Boats   /   Avo Kale Sprout Salad   /   LGO Brussel Sprout Salad (just add em’ in)

2 days later!
funny looking right?

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