#29 by 30: chile

I turn 30 in 6 weeks but I’m headed to Chile TONIGHT!  30 by 30 is almost accomplished!!  Why Chile you may ask?  Well, my dear friend, AZATURE is throwing a birthday extravaganza all week long.  He invited me earlier in the year which gave me time to save my pennies, take on freelance projects I didn’t have the time for (but worked weekends and nights and more weekends to get it all done).  Who could resist rooftop dinners, day trips to Valparaíso and black tie birthday dinners.  Over the top?  Absolutely!  But if you know Azature as well as I do you know he’s only capable of OVER THE TOP.  Normal is not in his vocabulary.  Case in point, the pictures below, from our days in the fashion club at UCLA.

Buen viaje!