Belize – 2

I dreamt last night I was petting a Nurse shark and he looked so peaceful I rested my head on him like a pillow.  He quickly woke up, swallowed me whole and swam away.  I dreamt it over and over.That’s how Day 2 ended.How did it begin? Embarrassing to say the least. I woke up by myself, because I slept in late. When I tried to leave I couldn’t figure out how to open the doors from the inside. The casitas have two sets of double doors. One is glass to protect from the wind, the outer shell is covered in wooden slats. I couldn’t even get the inside door to open, I fidgeted, pulled, juggles the locks, could not figure it out! I contemplated breaking the door. I started panicking but luckily I saw the gardener outside and started banging on the inside door, he didn’t move or look up. Ugh! I found a little side window and called out to him “I’m stuck inside, can you help me!?” Bewildered he walked closer, I felt like such a wimp, locked in my own casita. He went looking for mom as I calmed down and finally figured out the hidden latch that was holding me captive. It wasn’t really hidden but in my panic I totally missed it. Phew- I didn’t miss breakfast!

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