Borelli Active Performance Scarf | Classic White


Excited to share with you Borelli’s latest Active Performance scarf color, Classic White.  White joins 2015’s lineup of: Founders Blue, Sea Glass and Black.  What color should we introduce next?  Check out the full collection here.

On a mommy side note:  This was my first shoot since the babies for Borelli.  I was a bit nervous, my body has changed quite a bit!  But as all new moms know, embrace the changes because the way you look doesn’t really matter anymore.  I’m lucky if I can fit a shower in or eat a hot meal everyday, workouts are hard to come by.  Luckily the boys LOVE joining me for walks.  They fall asleep in the stroller daily.  I run about once a week with them while pushing the stroller which adds 45 lbs.  Cross training right?  I also try to practice yoga once or twice a week because it calms my nerves (I’ve become quite anxious since giving birth).