Bounce Back from Baby – Running with Twins

Tips for Running with Twins

– Dress them warm and cozy. You can always peel off layers but it’s better they are warm than cold. You can layer with a blanket for the older they get the more they kick it off which interrupts your run or you don’t notice and find Desmond’s monogrammed blanket two weeks later in a neighbors front yard. (This happened to us twice actually!)

– Fresh diapers.

– Earlier in the day the better. Sunsets are great for walks or quick runs but I’ve found I can squeeze in longer runs in the morning.

– Entertain them with toys, snacks (if old enough to feed themselves, about 6 months) and musical toys or speakers. We actually just ordered this last night because Desi loves walking around the house singing to Spotify on my iPhone.

– Keep moving! This is actually good for you and them. If you are getting back into shape it’s easy to run a little and then stop. But instead try to run continually at a slower pace. My boys DO NOT like it when I stop. But I could run for an hour without hearing a peep because they are either visually stimulated or the movement lulls them to sleep.

A note about strollers

– I started running with our everyday stroller, the double City Select until the boys were old enough to fit into the double Bob stroller. Both are awesome strollers but I prefer the Bob for running.

What are your tips for running with kids? I’d love to hear!