Cabo San Lucas – Day 1

Cabo Day 1 – Saturday
The flight from San Diego to Los Cabos was quick, thankfully because I was stuck with the middle seat.  TDH and I sat next to an adorable little man, around 70.  He was wearing the coolest tan straw fedora and Easter egg yellow shirt.  I wanted his whole outfit!  Customs was quick but the moment you crossed the security doors hawkers swarmed us shouting, “You have a reservation with us, I work for your hotel, you come with us!”  TDH is a negotiator, he bets on EVERYTHING and always trying to make a deal.  He plays along for a bit with these men until I am able to tear him away.  I set up a private driver, recommended by the hotel.  Our first friend, Ernesto was standing right outside the airport doors with a big sign of our names.  We throw our luggage in the car and peel off towards Cabo San Lucas, the opposite direction of Los Cabos.  
Along the way we stopped at Santa Carmela Market.  Adorable, family run and offered all the necessities of a week in Cabo – totopos (tortilla chips), limes, cilantro, veggies, avocados, sprouted bread, cheese, orangina, soymilk (unsweetened!) and locally made granola.  I was a bit worrisome because nothing had a price tag but we walked out with 3 big bags at $50 USD. 
10 minutes later we arrived at Villa La Estancia.  The lobby was ornate (but not I want to throw up ornate), reminded me of Turnberry Place in Las Vegas.  The staff was lovely and offered much needed chilled waters and Tecates.  Five minutes after we entered the room I am buzzing around thinking of all the places I want to try and see, beach, pool, private Jacuzzi, running from room to room.  TDH on the other hand plops on the couch and flips on football.  THIS is where we differ, he LOVES to relax.  I wish I did.  I envy people who can sit in one place for hours and read a book.  But, it’s not me and never will be.  I tried to soak in the scenery from the balcony but quickly get anxious and ran down to the beach.  Ahhhhh, sunset in Cabo, toes in the sand, can’t believe earlier that day I was tending to the chickens and garden in San Diego.
  All photos taken with my iphone – either left raw or manipulated in Picfx or Camera+

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