Dig | May Garden Update

IMG_6089IMG_6074 IMG_6088We moved into this house mid-January and by about March I planted a few rows of seeds.  After some success I supplemented with seedlings bought at Big Ranch Farm nursery in Napa, Whole Foods, OSH & Home Depot.  We have a great system down, TDH sets up the irrigation while I get my hands dirty.  I could spend every evening out in the garden but this twins baby bump is getting in the way!  Hence the weeds . . . good thing I like my garden a bit overgrown.  Alright let’s get to what we are growing shall we!?

This year we planted:

Heirloom tomato (8 varieties), kohlrabi, kale (Red Russian, Tuscan or Dinosaur, Curly), corn, strawberries (Seascape & a generic), mustard greens, cucumbers (lemon, regular & Armenian – my fav!), banana peppers, red peppers, lettuce (Bibb, Red Sails, Red Curly leaf, Romaine), bok choy, onions (walla walla, red), brussell sprouts, fennel, beets (golden, chiogga) and plenty of herbs (basil, pineapple sage, regular sage, cilantro, parsley, pineapple mint, lemon thyme).   We also inherited a few fruit trees, golden plum, apple, & grapefruit.

Sidenote: Who has a great recipe for grapefruit for someone who hates the taste of grapefruit!?IMG_6078 IMG_6076 IMG_6075IMG_6099 IMG_6098 IMG_6091 IMG_6097Just last month the garden looked like this!  It’s amazing what a lot of sunshine and a little water can do.  For June we’ll be harvesting the season’s first tomatoes, kohlrabi, kale, and sweating over the stove canning plum jam.