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Copenhagen is a bit chilly in spring.  Actually, it’s FREEZING for two sisters from California.  Bundle up and travel comfortably with these tips!

What to wear in Copenhagen
* Killer boots.  Everyone wears cool shoes in Europe, no matter what time of day or the season.  (It must be taught in school.)  Even the moms at school pick-up are donning adorable wedge heel boots and their mode of transportation is a bike.  I can barely ride a bike in flats!
*  Fleece lined leggings.  I picked up mine at the Max Studio outlets in Napa.  
*  Bright colored mens button down shirt.  This pink number I was actually hoping to buy for TDH (he lives in neon) but TopShop Men only had a small.  Sorry hun, guess I get to keep it!   
* Headwear.  Anything knitted or warm will do.  It rarely drops below 60* in Southern California so I was thrilled to put my knit baseball cap to use I picked up in Milan awhile back.
* Scarf.  A BORELLI active scarf of course!  What other accessory wicks away your sweat while biking around the sites, warms you up when taking a boat tour or doubles as a towel for the shared bathrooms while staying in hostels? 
* Fingerless gloves.  Yes, I know regular gloves would keep your hands warmer but then it’s difficult to take pictures! 
* Jacket.  I would go with anything warm and comfortable.  I wear this one from Theory ALL the time (also worn here).  I snatched it up 70% off at a chaotic yet exhilarating sample sale while attending grad school in New York City.  For those not living in the city, Gilt Groupe provides the same deals from the comfort of your own computer.

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