My go to spots in Las Vegas


Backpacks & lace dresses at the Wynn

I rock my backpacks even with tiny lace dresses


* Firefly HIDDEN GEM, absolute fav in Vegas.  It’s off the strip so you will have to drive or cab it.  But a group of 10 can eat well here for about $20 which INCLUDES drinks!
* B and B Ristorante at the Venetian.  Inventive Italian, you may remember when I mentioned their limoncello and squid appetizer here.
* If you want to be pampered while enjoying traditional Italian, make a reservation at Il Mulino.  Be wary of the special Wild Mushroom Ravioli, 4 pieces for $50!
* Sweet tooth?  The dessert BOAT at TAO is INSANE!  Milk, dark and white chocolate Buddhas, big-as-your-head fortune cookies stuffed with chocolate mousse, mochi in 5 flavors . . . we had 8 people and barely put a dent in it. The food at TAO isn’t anything special.  I prefer Social House if you are craving Asian cuisine.

* Are you a Seafoodie?  Make a reservation at Bartolotta The fish and crustaceans are flown in from all over the world daily!

* Bank Awesome DJ’s, rarely packed which makes dancing with the random you met at the bar slightly less awkward.
* Studio 54 They change up the music for the typically mid 40’s crowd.  Give your ears a house music break.
* Marquee Haven’t found a better outdoor dance area.  LOVE this new spot!

outdoors at Marquee, Cosmopolitan

* XS Keep your eyes peeled, Justin Timberlake walked right by me but I was WAY too into my dance moves to notice.  Oh well, he’s too short for me anyways.
* TAO Jay-Z, Beyonce, Usher, Diddy will get together for an impromptu performance while 50 Cent tosses $100 bills out into the crowd. (Don’t believe me? Ahhh, if only you were there that night with us, unreal.)

hot shoes en route to XS

* Wet Republic at MGM Grand.  A bit bothersome to get into but definitely worth it.  Guaranteed GOOD TIME.
* Rehab at Hard Rock on Sundays.  First visit last weekend, crazy!!!

Wet Republic 2011

* Sit mesmerized at Cique de Soleil’s interpretation of the Beatles at LOVE  (I’ve seen every Cirque show and this is my all-time favorite, O is a close 2nd.)
* Little ones?  Sick of the strip?  Drive 10 minutes to Springs Preserve to play with desert animals, crawl through a “composter”, learn about Nevada’s native flora and fauna or see an evening concert.
* Head to  Death Valley National Park around lunch for hiking and breathtaking views.  Spend sunset at the Salt Flats, feels like you are on Mars.

Death Valley, Saltwater Flats 2008
Beatles, LOVE at The Mirage

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