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I’m thrilled to share with you my work for athletic goods giant Mizuno. I spent a few months in 2012 meeting with the Mizuno USA team in Atlanta, Georgia.  They approached me with a few concepts for Mens and Womens in multiple sports categories.  We worked with the top athletes in indoor and outdoor volleyball, listened to their design feedback and created a product they truly love to wear.  I took the concept from research to sourcing, to design to sampling.  1 year later my sketches have come to life and are now sold online and throughout countless sporting goods retailers!

Olympian April Ross wears a bikini I designed for Mizuno above and below. 



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Here we have 3 Mens outerwear pieces.  The racing stripes were a fresh design feature for the century old company.

I’m excited to see the entire USA Mens Indoor Volleyball team sporting them (and fingers crossed at the 2016 Rio Olympics!)

MIZUNO_USAV_JACKETThe vertical stripe design performed so well they expanded the style to Mens Baseball as well.



Last but not least, a NEW indoor volleyball jersey which will be seen on various USA Volleyball Club female athletes.

MIZUNO_VOLLEY_JERSEY Shop the collection online


Beach bikini
Balboa Jersey


Volleyball Jacket
Baseball jacket

Baseball Fleece Hoodie

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