Olympic Spa, Koreatown

We survived the Olympic Spa in Koreatown!  The whole experience was overwhelming but I will try to recount the day as best as possible.  Leading up to Saturday my apprehension was a bit high, as you can see here.  I arrived later then my friends, surprise, surprise, (I have an awful habit of running late, totally selfish, I’m working on it!)  After throwing on the puke green robe provided I walked through a set of glass doors into the treatment area.  From that point on, I did not see a single piece of clothing other than modest black bikinis on the employees.  Deep breath!

While waiting for your number to be called you are free to relax in a hot tub, cold tub or a Mugworts bath which looks like a sea of brown liquid but it’s an actual home remedy used to cure aches and pains.  As I’m scanning the area for treatment rooms you find in the US and Europe my number, 67, is called.  I awkwardly step out of the hot tub baring my a** to those I leave behind.  My friends and I are corralled into a small area sectioned off with a waist high tile wall.  We spend the next 2 hours on a plastic table arms length from each other.  

First up is the scrub.  It’s more of a body power wash than scrub because your arm hairs turn into dreadlocks while dead skin flies in your face as she tosses your limbs around like a doll.  Every 10 minutes or so the “treatment specialist” or “she” dumps a tub of warm water over your body to wash away the dead skin.  And don’t worry, she scrubs everywhere, no stone left unturned.  

Second, the body wash.  Top to bottom the dead skin is washed off your body.  Then you are you told to shower off.  Walking through the spa covered in suds and so delirious from the power wash it’s impossible to walk straight.  Note: wash thoroughly, they check your armpits when you return and if she doesn’t think it’s efficient you are banished back to the showers.  

Third, the massage.  Relaxation time!  Every time I was close to falling asleep she would whack my arm or leg and instruct me to flip over, sit up or turn around.  If you like deep tissue massages it was awesome, if deep tissue sounds like a nightmare veer away from the Goddess treatment.  The spa offers a less evasive Swedish massage which I hear is relaxing as well.  

Fourth, the facial with Darphin products.  Nothing special, a few masks and creams but the head massage with essential oils was wonderful.  

Fifth, a Bumble and bumble  hair wash.  Don’t expect them to brush your hair but my hair was super soft all day.    

Post treatment, ready for a nap on the heated tile floor.

Overall, I would return to this spa.  The treatment was well worth the money.  $150 for 2 hours which includes tip!  It is a hilarious bonding experience for a group of girlfriends, mother/daughter or bachelorette party.  And, if anything, visiting a Korean Spa will teach you to be comfortable in your body, love your body and use a body scrub WAY more often!