Snail mail, one of life’s gems that makes me smile every time. Before this blog I kept in touch while traveling the old fashioned way, via postcards.  I’ve mailed hundreds around the world over the years.  I kept pen pals in college with close high school friends.  We only lived a few hours away but a 5 page letter was more unexpected than a phone call. Plus, who doesn’t love the surprise of reaching into your mailbox and finding a handwritten note.

Last year at ALT Summit in Salt Lake City I met the endearing Michelle from On My Own Blog.  Her courage and honesty captured me right away. We had a quick conversation, as all ones are while meeting hundreds of design obsessed bloggers in a matter of 3 days. But we stayed in touch and a few coffee dates in San Diego later she was helping me freshen up BORELLI logos and hangtags. If you are looking for a sharp graphic designer, I highly recommend Michelle!  Here’s her website if you want to check it out.  She sent me this sweet note the week we relocated to Northern California.

Now, go send someone something via snail mail, I promise you will brighten their day.

Love this card? You can find it here!


  • Hello Darlin! Thanks for the sweet post. This put a smile on my morning! I love sending lil bits of inspiration in the mail. It’s so rare with emails & texts these days, but so worth it. I’m so glad we met at ALT and look forward to working/ collaborating again. Lots of good things ahead for us both in 2013. And for more info on the elephant notecard above, it was created by my talented friend Rosemary —

    Enjoy your day Marissa & miss you!

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