SUP Around the World

SUP around the world

The first time I tried SUP (stand up paddleboard) was on our honeymoon in Fiji.  I ran a half marathon the weekend before and was on a running high ready to keep up my mileage around the island of Qamea.  As always I did not research where we would be spending the next 11 days and was shocked when the staff informed me there are NO roads on the island of Qamea.  What!?? I screamed in my head!  Sadly, I am not a swim in the ocean kind of girl (I am terrified of fish) my only other choice of exercise was SUP.  Ever since then I have been totally hooked!  To me, SUP is yoga on the water – calming, peaceful but a really good workout.  My muscles aren’t so sore that I have to take a day off after.  Plus it’s the perfect sport to pair with running because the power comes from your core and arms.  I tried SUP yoga in Newport Bay with my favorite instructor, Noelle Kozak.  She broke down the correct form in easy to remember terms that I still recite in my head today.  I spent my 29th birthday in Cabo and SUP-ed all week long.  The waves are small making it easier to rack up the miles but be careful the boat etiquette isn’t the same as in the US and water taxis will run right over your board.  SUP in Belize was GORGEOUS, the water is so clear you can see the manta rays swimming beneath you.  If your hotel doesn’t have a board to borrow you can find a few rental spots along San Pedro Island.  Last but not least we have Lake Shasta.  It’s a large lake where you can either camp or houseboat.  We’ve been renting a boat since I was in high school.  The water is about 80* during the summer months and sleeping under a blanket of stars on the rooftop is quite magical.  I SUP-ed a few times a day there because it was so easy, I would just roll out of bed, start the coffee pot, throw on a hat and paddle out.  No swimsuit needed, the water is so calm I promise you won’t fall in.  Even Nacho was a natural!

Where is your favorite SUP destination?  I would love to know!

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