The (start) of Floral Friday

Remember when I used to post videos every Friday?  I’m going to change it up and post something floral every Friday instead.  I haven’t found many videos worth posting lately and I’ve been obsessed with all things flowers lately.  Must have been this year’s collections on the runway.

Took this shot last year on our yearly houseboating trip to Lake Shasta.  Houseboats are sparsely stocked which means I had to improvise for a vase.  The flowers were wild, plucked from a very steep and rocky hillside.

Hope you were lucky enough to leave the office early today and are enjoying one of the last weekends of summer.  I’m working on client projects for the next few hours because tomorrow is jampacked with a 6am beach run, watching TDH compete in the WORLD Championship Body Surfing competition and in the afternoon our house guests arrive!