Traveling Office

The positive (and negative) thing about working for yourself is you can work anywhere.  And I mean anywhere.  But once you find something you love it doesn’t feel like work anymore.  You no longer mind logging 14 hour days all week long.  I love to travel but that doesn’t mean I take the weekend or week off.  I always bring a computer, iPad and notebook for ideas.  Here’s a peak into my “travel offices”. 

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
New Years Day, editing the How To Wear Your Borelli video, San Diego, California
Inspiration at the local wood shop in Belize
Shopping for trims in Belize
My new go-to travel accessory, the ipad
Office for the day in San Pedro Island, Belize
Spring 2012 Inspiration Book
Early AM research
Office for the night, airport hotel, Miami, Florida

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