whole wheat pretzels stuffed with spinach & artichoke

2go_ww_pretzelsOh man, I made these last weekend for Sunday’s big game day and although they took a lot of work (2 hours of getting my hands dirty, setting off a smoke alarm, getting to know the hazards of mixing baking soda and boiling water (mix VERY slowly) and some swearing) the finished product was well worth it.  They were a hit at the party!

DSC_0736 The recipe can be found here.  The only change I made was using whole wheat flour instead of whole wheat pastry flour (which is finer and better for baked goods) only because I didn’t have it on hand.  I had some left over spinach dip and served it along side.  Good luck for those that attempt the recipe.  If you are short on time just don’t stuff the pretzels, the dough was SUPER easy to make in the mixer and super delicious.   The pretzels were bouncy and chewy and the spinach dip was just the right amount of creamy (it only calls for 1 oz cream cheese).  They would make a perfect dish for the upcoming Super Bowl.  DSC_0730

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