Auditioning for NBC’s Fashion Star

About a month ago a casting agent called me as I was boarding the plane for Miami.  He wanted to know if I was interested in auditioning for NBC’s Fashion Star reality show.  With no time to think I said, “Of course!”.  His next question was, “Have you seen the show?”  Now this is where I needed my poker face.  I’m awful at lying, I physically can’t do it, no matter how hard I try.  I replied, “I’ve seen Project Runway.  Is it similar?”  I woo-ed him over and he added me to the VIP audition list.  My emotions after the phone call?  First, elation.  Then fear set in.  All I could think about was failing and not making it on the show.  It’s taken me weeks to even mention the audition on the blog!  But then again all you can do is try in life.  Put yourself out there, work your a** off, and if things don’t go your way then you weren’t meant to take that route anyways.  I had no idea what the audition entailed other than I had to make a video to entice the network to choose me.  Here is the video if you want to take a peek.  Or you can skip to the end for a sweet dance lesson.

The audition was two weeks later.  I had a family wedding in Northern California the night before which involved equal amounts nutella and champagne.  My 6:30am flight into LAX was painful.  I threw on a BORELLI Wrap Dress and make-up in the airport bathroom, hopped in a cab, slept in the cab and arrived 20 minutes early.  It was just enough time to take a two sips of coffee, eat a few pretzels and sign my life away on legal documents.  They brought 10 contestants upstairs at a time and gave us one minute to set up our samples.  Next, a fashion consultant or buyer from Macy’s asked us a few questions on price points, where we are currently selling our product, if I knew the construction of a waistband and why my design vision is unique.  Then a rep from the network cruises over to chat about life and inquire, “if there was a back-stabber on the show would you let them walk all over you or stand up for yourself?”  Although I hadn’t prepped for this particular question it was easy to answer.  “I would stand up for myself because I run my own company and have to stand up for myself EVERYDAY!”  Then they packed us all up and said you will hear from us in a few weeks!

I will let you know if I make it past the second round.  Wish me luck!


4 thoughts on “Auditioning for NBC’s Fashion Star

  • Good luck, Marissa!

    They said we’d hear in two weeks, but I stayed up sewing most of the night before (I made seven complete, original outfits in about a day and three-quarters) so his questions threw me, and I fear I really blew it. Have you heard anything yet? I’m ever the optimist, no matter how badly a casting call goes.

    How are your dogs doing? We have a border collie, and she’s napping down here and just put my foot to sleep!

  • I am so proud of you. Such tallent out of Saratoga, Ca. Great photo of Kerri Walsh and that you remain connected. I went to a Giants game and sat with Kerri s agent.. Small world. Our best to you, Denise and Rebecca Levy

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