Borelli | Game Changing Layers



BD_FW13_THUNDERDOMEHere are a few of my favorites from the new Drift collection at Borelli.  We worked with multiple fabric manufacturers in downtown LA this season to bring YOU our widest variety yet.  Each style can change your ENTIRE outfit.

The Jesse scarf is named after TDH because if you know him, 90% of the time he’s in flannel, whether it’s 50* or 90* and usually in a bright hue.

We’ve had multiple requests over the years (I can’t believe my company is almost 3 years old!) for an olive green scarf and once I saw this swatch I knew it would make an awesome scarf for Men and Women.  The name is from the quick trip I made to Patagonia last December.  It was quite a trek to get down there but oh-so-worth-it!  I only had 3 days in the area and only 2 days in the national park but they were pure magic.  The lush terrain, crazy weather (you would see all 4 seasons in one day! similar to New Zealand), wild animals roaming and mesmerizing glaciers make this part of the world a MUST-SEE!

Thunderdome is such a sassy piece it may even change your life!

Happy Friday friends.