Saturday Spa Day

What are your Saturday plans?  

Post 10K I will be treating myself to a Goddess Massage at a traditional Korean spa.  I LOVE SPAS.  I’ve visited spas ALL over the world.  In Vietnam we were given neck massages in a hallway, in India they asked what I used on my face to make my skin white, in Italy they massage EVERY area of your body and in Fiji they scrub your body with locally grown sugar and fruit to make you “sticky like lollipop”.  Her words, not mine.  

View from the Jungle Spa, Qamea Resort and Spa, Fiji

What I do know about a Korean Spa:
1.  Clothing is not permitted, at all
2.  They scrub your ENTIRE body, every nook & crannie

The website describes the Goddess Massage as – 
“The ultimate moisturizing experience. We start with a full body Korean Scrub to exfoliate the skin, followed by an aromatic seaweed body shampoo. Now relax and enjoy a wonderful Darphin Aromatherapy Massage to melt all those knots away. A rejuvenating essential oil scalp massage will instantly lift your spirits. It doesn’t end here, your face is then massaged with toxin releasing strokes and a purifying facial mask is applied to refresh and tighten the pores. After an aromatherapy hair shampoo and rinse, a luxurious body emulsion is soothingly applied to hydrate and moisturize. This treatment is exclusive to us and not available anywhere else.”

Monday’s post may be TMI but guaranteed to enlighten.  

Geyser heated pool, Indian Springs Spa, Calistoga, CA


Foot massages, Kowloon, Hong Kong

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